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About Aisha Al Raqum Physiotherapy

Aisha Al Raqum Physical Therapy Centre and Rehabilitation was founded in 2004 and is one of the leading physical therapy clinics in Kuwait. Its aim was to provide a high standard of service in a profession that was clearly overlooked in Kuwait. The centre was one the first in Kuwait that integrated all specialities of physical therapy to provide multi-disciplinary rehabilitative services.

Since founded, Aisha Al Raqum Physical Therapy Centre and Rehabilitation has always strived to inhabit the best and latest equipmeprovided by highly skilled therapists.

Our Mission

Aisha Al Raqum Physical Therapy Centre and Rehabilitation house all the physical therapy specialities under one roof in to help our patients return to pain-free function. With over 16 years of experience the clinic has continuously adopted highly competent resources, with regards to employees, novel medical care approaches, state of art technology and the development of its facilities; all while striving to meet its community needs.

Health Insurance

We accept the below modes of Insurance as payment


Health Insurance for Retired Citizens

By Gulf Insurance Group


Kuwait Petroleum Company

By Gulf Insurance Group

Our Services

How We Can Help

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Pediatric Care

Patient-Centered Treatment

Body and Spine

Putting You First

Sports Injury

The Tools You Need

Home Visit

Home Visitation Therapy

Meet the Consultants

Unmatched experience in the field and dedicated to improving the quality of life for all our patients.

Contact Us

Aisha Al Raqum Physiotherapy, Abdulla Al Fadalah Street, Salmiya, Kuwait

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