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Our team of Paediatric Specialists have a vast experience with children rehabilitation, where they are proficient in a majority of children cases from cerebral palsy to delayed mobility and development. Rehabilitation for children can be challenging therefore at Aisha Al Raqam Physical Therapy Centre and Rehabilitation, our highly skilled Paediatric Specialists ensure the therapy provided for the child does not only improve their case but also becomes a fun experience for them. The goal here is to work with the child along with their family in order to ensure the treatment is showing progress. These services include: physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and occupational therapy.


Suit Therapy

Intensive suit therapy is intended to help those with cerebral palsy and neuromuscular disorders improve muscle tone, posture, and movement. Our suits are safe and effective and are used by therapists in clinics and by the parents at home.  The Thera suite consists of an orthotic suit that includes a hat, knee pads, and specially-designed therapeutic shoes. The purpose of the suit is to properly align the body in order to repair abnormal muscle tone thus retraining the brain to recognize new corrected body movements.


Spider Cage

Spider cage an intense physiotherapy treatment designed by suspending a child in the middle of the cage by using a number of elastic cords and belts as well as Therasuits. This suspension mechanism helps the child to move freely while controlling their movements with greater precision and ease, as well as strengthening parts of the child’s body which are affected by muscle and neurological disorders.

We have also had great results with suspension therapy for adults, as the Spider Cage is a flexible treatment mechanism that can be applied on patients of all ages.



With Intensive Physical Therapy the child will have a specially designed program catered for his/her specific treatment requirements. Patient Cases with Genetic Syndromes, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental delays, Traumatic Brain Injury, High muscle tone and low muscle tone need to be cared for intensively and with precise observation.

Our Paediatric Intensive Therapy Programs include Sensory integration Balance and gait analysis and training Assessment and evaluation for all necessary durable medical equipment Myofascial release Functional mobility (rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking)


Speech Therapy

Our high skilled Speech Pathologist uses different therapy techniques to improve the child’s communication. They work together with the physiotherapy team to ensure the child’s welfare and successful pathway to development.

Our Center has a dedicated collaborative team of physiotherapists are highly trained to carry out Children’s Rehabilitation in Kuwait.  Our methods and systems of care are designed to deliver results even if others have failed. We want to be your relief team when pain is preventing you from leading a normal, active, healthy life.

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