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Spider cage is an intense physiotherapy treatment designed by suspending a child in the middle of the cage by using a number of elastic cords and belts as well as Therasuits. This suspension mechanism helps the child to move freely while controlling their movements with greater precision and ease, as well as strengthening parts of the child’s body which are affected by muscle and neurological disorders.

We have also had great results with suspension therapy for adults, as the Spider Cage is a flexible treatment mechanism that can be applied on patients of all ages.

The Spider cage technique can help the child:

  • Improve flexibility and muscle strength;
  • Increase active range of motion of joints;
  • Improve coordination and balance;
  • Increase motor range
  • Develop motor planning and learning of daily functional skills.

Our Center has a dedicated collaborative team of physiotherapists are highly trained to carry out Spider Cage therapy in Kuwait.  Our methods and systems of care are designed to deliver results even if others have failed. We want to be your relief team when pain is preventing you from leading a normal, active, healthy life.

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